Interpretive journey

Instead of being killed the apostles were flogged and released, ordered to not speak in the name of Jesus again. However in this passage of 1 Peter 5: We do not speak Greek or Hebrew. The apostles rejoiced and were thankful they had been deemed worthy to be dishonored on the behalf Interpretive journey the Name.

Peter was talking to an audience that was starting to be violently persecuted whereas today in America we are not under Interpretive journey kind of violent persecution. He also challenges the believer to have righteous conduct.

In Interpretive journey to not distract from the mission of the church, reaching the unsaved, prayer and preaching, in this regard it is vital that the leaders of the church select a group of men who meet certain criteria to help in the administrative duties of the church, they must possess the Holy Spirit, be of good reputation and posses wisdom.

The third step in the interpretive journey is cross the theological principle bridge communicated by the passage. In fact, the Sanhedrin wanted to kill Peter shortly before the scene in Acts chapter 6, but Peter was spared when a wise Pharisee named Gamaliel persuaded the Sanhedrin by warning them that if these men were of God they would want to leave them alone.

The church was growing rapidly and events and emotions were heating up, the Apostles have been arrested and on trial right before this scene, the persecution by the hands of the Jewish leaders had not ended, there was much tension. So if you read this verse this way God sets himself against, in a battle way, the proud but gives grace to the humble.

We all need a Savior. That is why Peter keeps reminding them of the hope in Christ Jesus. This is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible.

To summarize what this all meant to the biblical audience we can say the following about Acts 6: The first one is Philippians 4: The second step of the interpretive journey is to measure the width of the river to cross.

The fifth step in the interpretive journey is to grasp the text in our town. We are not Hellenistic or Hebraic Jews. Humility is associated with setting aside our selfishness and looking to the needs of others.

Peter, the leader of the twelve, summoned the whole lot of disciples and in this moment he changed the way problems were handled, in essence he laid the foundation for future churches to choose their elders at this very time in history. It was intended to be widely spread to give a message of hope and exhortation especially during the time of Nero persecution.

As we recognize the differences we are now ready to move into Step 3: Going even further we can read the discourse from Paul as he addresses the elders at Ephesus, here we can see that the function of elders has been instituted and developing as the early church grows, moving to Paul and Barnabas, still in the book of Acts Interpretive Journey Paper 1 Peter BIBL D 12 Fall Submission Date: (12/13/14) Introduction Life can be hard.

Even after coming to know Jesus Christ as Savior, Christians have difficulties negotiating the trials and tribulations of life. 5-Step Interpretive Journey Before You Start the Journey Remember: We do not create meaning out of a text; rather, we seek to find the meaning that is already there.

(pg. 41) The process is not instantaneous. Instead it takes time and persistence.

The New Testament, for instance, has been studied rigorously for the last 2, years since the. The Interpretive Journey Step Three: Crossing the Principlizing Bridge Key Question: What is the theological principle in this text? Discover the theological meaning of the text Identify similarities between the original and contemporary audiences Build a “principlizing bridge” that connects meaning Parts-whole spiral (interpret passage in light of all.

The Grove Grasping Gods Word Keith Marriner 1 The Interpretive Journey1 I. Basics of the Journey A.

Step 1: Grasping the Text in Their Town Question: What did the text mean to the biblical audience? 2 First of all, the role of the interpreter is to ascertain the original intent of the biblical author.

View Notes - Interpretive Journey from BIBL at Liberty University. BIBL Interpretive Journey 4 Step 3 Cross the Principlizing Bridge List the theological principle(s) communicated by the%(1). Jun 15,  · How to Study the Bible eCourse #2.

The Interpretive Journey (5 Steps to Interpreting God’s Word) Listen to Scot Keen, a teacher at Ethnos Bible Institute (founded in as New Tribes Bible Institute), talk about the interpretive journey/5.

Interpretive journey
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